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Welcome to Bright Spots – A new hub for parent-reviewed practices for keeping families safe and connected

Recommended child welfare practice by impacted parents

Child welfare practices are sent to parents impacted by the system for review. Their evaluation determines which practices make it here to Bright Spots, ready for child welfare systems to implement.

These truths drive our work in this space.

Bright Spots are practices that align with these beliefs about:

  • System improvement. Bright Spots practices can improve the child welfare experience for children and families, but cannot alone (or even all together) eliminate state-sponsored harm.
  • Rescuing. The current child welfare system is built on a saving mentality (poor children by rich families or children of color by white families).
  • Racism. (White) people in systems are often compelled to talk about and determine solutions for families of color.
  • Substance use. It is possible for children to live safely with and/or maintain connections to parents with substance addictions.
  • Poverty. Having low income does not equate to poor parenting skills or poor character.
  • Surveillance. Mandated reporting upholds white bias and lacks evidence for keeping children safe.
  • Intent vs. impact. Programs or policies which support families in theory or intent, don’t always do so in reality.

Children need their parents to be okay.

Supporting children means supporting parents.

Bright Spots are practices that parents recommend.

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This is just the start! Your unique contribution will help guide practice to what truly keeps families together. Share your practice ideas and join the Bright Spots community!

Bright Spots contributors

Parent reviewers who provide critical, expert feedback. Workers and leaders who change practice. Funders who fuel the community. Alia is proud to facilitate these essential contributors to build the Bright Spots practice library and keep more families safely together.

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