Parent review feedback summary

  • Parent reviewers believe that home visiting services would benefit families and recommend child welfare agencies implement this program in their systems.
  • Reviewers expressed concern about the program’s intent and whether it is just another way to surveil families and further put children at risk for removal.
  • It was noted that the home visitors must be parents themselves, particularly lived experts, so that they are trusted liaisons to families currently impacted by the system.

What is the intervention?

Home visitation has been recognized as a core home-delivery service as a child abuse and neglect prevention strategy for decades. When implemented correctly, it has the potential to positively influence parents of children from birth to three years old by providing support to develop the tools needed to be a confident caregiver. The process is simple: Family Support Specialists receive thorough training on how to become allies to parents in need as well as how to navigate the many resources that are available yet feel inaccessible to many.

Family Support Specialists will help parents identify what they want for their children and families, and build a plan to achieve these goals. Often, Family Support Specialists provide research-based information on how to be an effective caregiver, especially for children who have low birth weights, special needs, or behavioral problems. From fun learning activities that support growth and development to self-care ideas for parents and caregivers, the program is tailored to fit families’ needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time parent or not – these resources are available to any interested family!

What makes it a Bright Spot?

Home visitation is a way for parents to connect with another trusted adult in an open, honest, and non-judgmental or punitive way. Services are always culturally respectful, entirely voluntary, and are grounded in connection. Health Families America believes that without trust, meaningful connection cannot be possible, and they strive to learn more about each of their family’s needs. Healthy Families America also emphasizes the importance of recognizing each families’ strengths. In a system that tends to point out everything going wrong, having a resource that gives parents a much-needed pat on the back and provides genuine empathy is a valuable step towards the prevention of child removal.

What steps can you take?


These downloadable resources may help provide additional context and information about this family-approved resource for systems change.

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