How does a practice become a Bright Spot?

Alia works with community members, those working in child welfare systems, and parent-led organizations to review and vet which practices and resources join the Bright Spots library.

How are Bright Spots selected to be featured?

Potential Bright Spots practices are either solicited by Alia for review or submitted by family-serving organizations.

Alia works with Bright Spots contributors to capture their practices in a succinct, actionable format, ready for parent review.

Three times a year, potential Bright Spots practices are presented to parents for official review. Alia partners with two of the most longstanding, reputable, radically parent-driven organizations in the field: Rise Magazine and Be Strong Families.

Parents who have been impacted by the system are asked to evaluate potential Bright Spots practices on these criteria:

  • potential for keeping families together (their own and others),
  • potential impact on the field (large or small),
  • potential negative consequences, and
  • conditions to make the practice more equitable or effective.

Lastly, parent reviewers are asked if they would or would not recommend child welfare systems adopt this practice.

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