Parent review feedback summary

  • While parent reviewers were supportive of the Chicago Parent Program being beneficial, there was healthy concern over the financial barrier to accessing the materials without facilitation (and consequentially, surveillance) from child welfare agencies.
  • Reviewers have some skepticism of the cultural considerations that went into the discipline recommendations, and shared some of the content felt a bit too “picture perfect” which they feel isn’t helpful for parents of children with severe behavioral concerns.
  • Parent reviewers shared that the resource could be extremely beneficial for families at risk of intervention from the system, such as young parents to help build the skillset to navigate challenging parenting moments.

What is the intervention?

The development of the Chicago Parent Program in 2002 sprouted from the collaborative efforts of three dedicated nurses whose vision aimed to provide support to culturally diverse parents of young children aged 2-8. What truly distinguishes this program from others is its inclusive development process, engaging directly with parents, cherishing the diversity of their perspectives, and embracing their unique set of values and beliefs. This collaborative ethos informed the program, making it adaptable, with great impact, across many settings such as child welfare agencies, clinics, and schools.

Consisting of 12 sessions enriched with evidence-based parenting methodologies, the Chicago Parent Program boasts an extensive library of over 160 hours of authentic video content portraying real-life scenarios of parents navigating the joys and challenges of raising children. These videos are the catalysts for insightful group discussions steered by certified group leaders. By showcasing practical solutions to common parenting dilemmas, the program empowers participants to navigate these challenges effectively. Furthermore, its adaptability to digital platforms has facilitated its widespread implementation across diverse settings, underscoring its versatility and relevance.

What makes it a Bright Spot?

The Chicago Parent Program was designed with and for low-income and ethnically diverse families. Additionally, the Chicago Parent Program has been studied for the efficacy of its digital delivery, making the tools well researched and much more accessible than in-person programming. Materials for the Chicago Parent Program are available to purchase online, making it easy for agencies, clinics, and schools to offer to families they work with.

Parents enrolled in the program report a reduction in resorting to corporal punishment, an enhancement in consistency when disciplining their children, a surge in their own confidence levels, and marked improvements in their children’s behavioral patterns. Notably, the program’s efficacy mirrors that of other evidence-based initiatives while registering higher levels of parent satisfaction, achieved at a significantly reduced cost, rendering it a cost-effective and high-impact intervention strategy.

What steps can you take?

  • Purchase materials to implement at ezParent, the virtual version of the Chicago Parent Program, for families you work with.


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